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Pepe Roch

Certified Event and Wedding Planner

Certified Gay Wedding Planner.

Headed by Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer, Pepe Roch, Paraiso Bacalar is one of the Quintana Roo´s premier event planning company.


We work with clients as unique as the events we plan; individuals and families, corporations and non-profit organizations. For each, Paraiso Bacalar Events has provided unforgettable memories.

I love my work.

We offer unique and unrepeatable experiences and feelings to each couple


 We care about each wedding and we do it as if it was our wedding, taking care of details and taking a planning hand in hand with the couple from their first approach with our company.

We have 7 years specializing in weddings, corporate events, XV years and baptisms.

Our project is to receive the  bride ´s idea of the wedding  and materialize those ideas on a canvas, an unimaginable place   called  Paraiso Bacalar.


Our main goal isthat the bride and groom as family and guests take unforgettable memories for their entire lives of our location and quality in our services.


Lindsay Gordillo Reyes

Gourmet Chef and High Patisserie

Headed by Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer Lindsay Gordillo is the head of our exclusive 

Patisserie and Main Chef Department 

Lindsay  has a long standing reputation for quality and service.

She is the best Gourmet chef and High Pastry chef of the region.

Specialist in high pastry and fine desserts one of the objectives of our company is to make the desserts in a artesanal  way, highlighting the explosion of flavors and ensuring that every guest tastes a bite of our petit fours as part of a wonderful experience.


 We can convey the sensation of tasting a artisan gourmet dessert of high quality with a unique flavor that reminds us and that in conjunction with the other services is a unique and unrepeatable memory of the sweetness of our desserts made with all the care, hygiene, dedication and that with the excellent and immaculate presentation of them are a decorative element that serves to highlight your event.


The effort, dedication and commitment of each of our employees make up our great team for the best day of your life...

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